At Medsbuzz.com, we ensure systematic and strict follow-up of guidelines to ensure the best of services for our customers. Therefore, before signing up with us, please read the following terms and conditions. Please go through these details carefully, as it helps us to better customize your requests to make your online med-shopping experience seamless.

By visiting our website, you hereby agree to act according to our terms and conditions. However, if found otherwise, we may remove your credentials and other details from our servers without any notice.

To enhance our service quality and offer maximum data security, our site regularly undergoes necessary changes, including terms and conditions. We have the authority to make changes to the existing terms without any advance notice, although our systems may notify you regarding our new and modified terms and policies through your mail. You can also visit the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page from our website directly.

When you register with Medsbuzz.com, you are also authorizing us to use your personal details for promotional purposes. We will send you promotional emails, newsletters, and product launches via emails or text messages. However, you can always unsubscribe from our mailing list anytime you may want.

Copyright and Intellectual property rights

All content on our website is protected under the copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights laws and hence unauthorized usage is subject to penalty. This includes our website/app, texts, logos, images, videos, page headers, and other unique content.

Users are prohibited from using, copying, duplicating, or reproducing the content from our website unless permitted by concerned authorities. At Medsbuzz.com, users are only allowed to have limited access to the site and make personal use of our services. Downloading, reading, or modifying our content in any way by data gathering and extraction tools or robots is strictly prohibited. Additionally, using them on third-party sites is also punishable by law, requiring offenders to serve huge fines. This will also lead to permanent account blockage and permanent barring of the individual from using our site in the future.

Account registration and use

As a part of the registration process on Medsbuzz.com, you will be required to fill in your personal details, including name, mobile phone number, email ID, and other details. This data is stored and used to ensure our best of services. None of this information is shared with any third parties. So, your confidential details are absolutely safe with us.

While our sites guarantee the safeguarding of your details, it is the user’s responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their account. The company will not be held responsible for unauthorized access resulting from the leak of confidentiality from the customer’s side. We also secure the right to refuse services, cancel orders, or terminate accounts if detected suspicious activity in an account.

Privacy Policy

We strictly follow the highest level of browsing safety standards at Medsbuzz.com to offer a safe shopping experience. Please check out our “Privacy Policy” page at the bottom of our official website for more details on our guidelines regarding privacy protection.

User obligations

As a user of Medsbuzz.com, you will be obliged to:

  1. Provide accurate information like name, contact details, billing address, postal code, etc., to ensure seamless shipping. The company will not bear responsibility for misdelivery of orders occurring due to the wrong address or contact information given by a customer. In such cases, there will be no re-delivery attempts requiring the customer to reorder the product. Similarly, the transportation and shipping cost incurred by Medsbuzz.com will also be claimed from you for the previous order.
  2. Access and use the site while complying with all mentioned terms and conditions of the company. Ignoring these conditions will be liable to legal issues and hefty penalties.
  3. Furnish all true and authentic information when requested by the website or its affiliates. However, in case the provided information doesn’t match with our server data, then the user account will be liable to suspension or may be permanently banned from our website, depending upon the severity of the situation.
  4. Maintain confidentiality with your personal details, such as credit card number, UPI address, OTP, CVV, etc. Medsbuzz never asks for such information from its buyers, and hence it is the user’s sole responsibility to keep their data secure from prying eyes.
  5. Check the product description thoroughly. Any complaint regarding the product that has been mentioned in the details will be instantly discarded.

Return Policy

According to our ‘Refund Policy’ a user is eligible for a full refund when:

  • A customer receives a damaged, expired product that has been tampered with.
  • Product lost or damaged during transit.

The refund process is initiated after successful verification of the complaint, i.e., within 72 working hours of receiving the complaint. Upon successful verification, the payment is processed back to the bearer’s account within the next 7 to 10 working days. Depending upon the mode of payment, the money is directly refunded to the account from which the customer was previously charged.

For a detailed description of our refund procedures, visit the ‘Refund Policy‘ page on our official website.

Modes of Payment

Our website allows multiple payment modes, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Digital wallets, PayPal, etc. We are constantly improving our system in a bid to improve overall customer satisfaction. Your patience is applauded.


All of our products and services go by the exact price that has been mentioned on the website. The price is inclusive of all taxes after deduction of any offers or discounts on the particular product. Users can also check for the detailed pricing description by clicking on the individual products.

During final check out, however, the price comes inclusive of delivery and type of products. The final price may also change according to the mode of payment chosen as different platforms are charged with variable transaction rates fixed by concerned regulators.

Service Termination

This user agreement will be deemed terminated upon request by either of the two parties. Users can terminate their account or nullify their registration, given that they discontinue any further use of the site, without requiring to provide any notice of any kind.

While our executives may reach out to the customers for resolving any issues, if present, any contact with them will be immediately stopped upon customer request. Upon successful termination, users need to promptly destroy any and every downloadable material that may have been sent or obtained from our site and prevent their misuse.

This termination, however, will not be acknowledged in case the customer has previously ordered a product from our website. They will need to pay the full amount, if not already paid, before the successful termination of their account.